Two Women Tied And Gagged For Punishment

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When Felony finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with two women, Jessie Cox and Krissy Lynn, she sets a trap for them then keeps them locked up till she knows she can have a full day with them. When ready she takes them out and shows them the cattle prod which she will use unless they do as they are told. They are made to sit on dildos then are bound and gagged to a pillar to be whipped. They are let down to be made to lick her pussy while she comes on their faces. Tape is used on their mouths and they are bent over a table. These tied up girls are strapon fucked then till they realise that Felony is better than her husband. Whippedass has these and other tied women to be seen.

Felony Tied And Gagged For BDSM Torture

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Felony starts off tied spreadeagled to a fence to have her tits whipped. Weighted nipple clamps are used before her tits are tied and she gives a forced blowjob as she is zapped. She is tied on all fours then with a gag to be whipped and pussy fucked. He fucks her ass next before tying her lying face up with a ball gag. With this girl tied up he can do anything he wants so he ass fucks her while using a vibrator on her clit and pinching her nipples. She has so many squirting orgasms but he just carries on until he is ready, he moves the gag and comes in her mouth. Go to SexandSubmission to see Felony tied up and gagged.

Felony Tied And Tortured

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Felony starts off this scen with her arms tied straight out behind her with her legs in the air and her pussy wide open. A dildo on a stick in her pussy with the attached Hitachi on her clit gets her moaning while the tit whipping makes her scream. Tight nipple clamps make her scream louder before he puts the Hitachi on her sore nipples.

She is tied to a wall then using bars with her head pointed down leaving her ass and pussy available. She has her pussy caned first then has her ass caned before taking a massive dildo in her ass. An asshook is fitted and the stick dildo used then as she is about to orgasm it is removed leaving her denied.

She is strapped down to a Sybian next then has her tits whipped with a longtail. Nipple clamps are fitted and the whip is used to gag her as she goes though orgasm after orgasm. By her last orgasm she is a dribbling mess. You can see Felony tied up and gagged through forced orgasms at Device Bondage.